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With a mission to provide open source mod space for games and apps lovers.

MKSAPK  is a APK Repository service for the High quality Android apps & games.It was the mission of MKSAPK to become a private space for game and apps lovers with lots of interesting things to read.

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We are you young hardworking people with passion to build a common space and play ground for all users.

MKSAPK is dedicated to discovering the newest, useful apps and added new featured games for you. It also give you open access to APK files for free to downloads and install with safety.

Creative & Sample

You can see, MKSAPK simple from the user interface. We want to add the accurate and good information quickly, so we always try to ensure:

  • Information must be accurate and authentic.
  • Content solve the problem, rampant.
  • Centralized and enhance contents.
  • Speed is the top priority of our mission.

Always welcome new members

From the day of goes online, MKSAPK Team consists of 5-10 peoples. We clearly understand that only we are not enough to provide and create an open, private space station as a mission, so MKSAPK always want passionate people to contributions from the community. MKSAPK always welcomes the motivated and authentic writer ,who love writing and want to contribute to the tech world to develop MKSAPK with us.

Just the beginning

From now on, we know that it is very difficult to develop and maintain website. However, it is just the initial traveling to success. We hope this road will be a little bit fairy and thorny, but we will take every compliment, encouragement like “Hey this website is very cool and speedy” or simply a comment is enough energy to boost our energy to continue this journey.

Hey! Reading from the start to the end is tidey or not?

Send your email to: support@mksapk.com / sebtx022@gmail.com
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