Teen Patti Cash Explosion: How to Turn Your Card Skills into Real Money

Playing cards is a great invention, considering the decks and combinations a player can receive. Not a single game can be repeated in our lifetime. This means that every card combination will vary, depending on the players’ methods of playing. This is why card games are so interesting to all. One such card game is Teen Patti Teen Patti is at the top of the games to play online and win cash prizes. These days, card-gaming apps offer a remarkable avenue to participate in daily contests and win cash. If you play cards well, how can you monetize your skills in a Teen Patti cash game online? Here is what the experts suggest you to follow.

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Skills to Win in Teen Patti and Earn Money

1. The probability of playing cards

Teen Patti is a card game where four to seven players can participate. This card game is different from trick-taking ones. You will not have to make melds or create sequences with cards. A dealer will deal three cards to you and other players competing online. Based on the cards, you will come up with the best possible hand rank. Your hand rank and analysis will help you decide the right betting amount.

This card game is based on the probability of getting good cards to some extent. The possible combinations of 52 cards are enormous and will not be repeated. Even if your hand is repeated, the other players will not get the same, providing a different gaming experience. So, keep this basic concept in mind all the time.

2. Always familiarize yourself with the rules of a Teen Patti variant 

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Teen Patti has many variants developed over the years. These variants are:
  • Best of four
  • Wild Draw
  • Low Wild
  • Hight Wild
  • Two Lowest Wild
  • Low Ball
  • Bust Card Draw
  • Stud
  • Community

As the names suggest, the rules will also differ for these variants. Hence, your first aim should be learning and playing by the rules. The gameplay varies entirely, considering the card rankings decided for every variant.

3.  Understanding the card combinations and hand rankings

The next step is understanding the hand rankings of card combinations that a Teen Patti variant considers. In all the variants, the ranks of face cards are more significant than the numbers ones. The variation in the gameplay is decided accordingly. For instance, in Low Wild, the wild cards are the low-ranked cards in a suit. It is the opposite in High Wild. Similarly, in the two-lowest wild variant, the lowest cards forming a pair will get a higher rank than the middle ones. Hence, your prime aim is to follow the hand-ranking rules word by word and make your strategy accordingly.

4. Bluff: The biggest skill in Teen Patti

As mentioned, this card game is all about getting cards distributed randomly among participants. So, how can a player make a difference? What should a player do if he gets low-ranked cards? Here comes the weapon of bluffing. He can change the game’s course by bluffing his way and misleading other players.

Here is how you can do it. Focus on your position on the Teen Patti table. Check which players are around you and observe their gameplay from the beginning. Your art of bluffing will be of great use when you convince the neighbor players with a bluff. The rest will automatically follow. Timing is the key to a good bluff. Bluffing is the best way to proceed when the game has turned out quite serious.

Don’t bluff right away. Let the game settle and make everyone think twice before calling or betting. This is the right time to convince everyone that you have a good hand and fold. Don’t bluff all the time. Players will easily recognize your bluffs, which will make you lose money. Hence, bring your bluff gun out when you want to make the rest of the players believe in something. Bluffing fewer times is believable. Another critical point to follow while bluffing is the bet size. Don’t bet overwhelmingly when you bluff. Players will easily catch your bluff. Bluff by maintaining a balance by using a higher amount than what the rest are betting.

5. Learn when to walk away

Defeat is not always a setback in Teen Patti. Every expert player has been defeated hundreds of times on the Teen Patti table. Consider it as a learning phase. You will not win every day, for sure. So, follow discipline and learn when to back out when luck is not on your side. Try to get a lesson from your backing out. Check what made you back out on that table.
  • Is it the cards?
  • Is it your oversized betting?
  • Is it because the opponents had better cards?
  • Is it your bluffing strategies?
  • Follow the game plan and observe what went wrong to learn from your mistakes.
  • This is how you grow as a better Teen Patti player.

6. Count cards if possible

Counting cards is the basis of almost all playing card games we play. If you can count the cards on the table and your hand, you can make significant progress in this game. The best way to analyze a game’s motion is by understanding what cards a player is playing and comparing their betting sizes. Counting cards is a primary mind game you can play with other players. Along with this skill, try to add observation for better outcomes. 

7.  Observe and analyze

Lastly, every Teen Patti player observes what others are betting on and the hand ranks they hold. It tells a lot about the psychology of a player. This skill can boost your card-counting skills and help you make better decisions by understanding a player’s betting strategies and habits. You can use this information to bluff and use their psychologies against them. It takes time to develop such skills. So, practice in low-stakes tables first and then proceed to the bigger ones in Teen Patti.

Download a Teen Patti App and Practice!

You need these expert skills to become a fierce opponent for all players online. Download a suitable Teen Patti app and keep practicing online. Use the bonus amount to bet on low-stake tables to assess your winning strategies. Master these skills and turn your card skills into cash rewards.


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